Lloyd: White Wolf Hero Review

lloyd_white_wolf Type Weapon Score
type_inf wpn1_sword ★★★

Lloyd: White Wolf

 Unique weapon give +2 to ATK and SPD when target's HP is full
 Good defenses against mages
 Outclassed by top tier sword units

Regal Blade is the unique weapon of Lloyd. It gives him +2 to his ATK and SPD when he is in combat with an enemy whose HP is 100%. This weapon will excel in doing ORKO if you build around it because Lloyd’s ATK doesn’t reach pass 50 naturally. This sword should synergize well with Fury, Desperation, or Death Blow that all specializes in melting HP bars. His over all stats are good against mages with his high RES of 30 and high SPD of 37 (35+2), preventing follow-up, if he meets the condition to proc his Regal Blade’s passive. This gives Lloyd an anti-mage role. He can tank attacks from Nino or Julia, and after receiving their hits, they will be in range to take damage from Lloyd on his turn, which leads to their deaths most of the time. This might also get his Special — Glacies, which scales with his RES, to activate for a sure kill. His passive B is Pass, you can keep this so he can ignore foes that wall their mages at the back for safety. Lastly, he also gets Threaten Atk on C that Lloyd can play around with to bait his target mage who is short by 1 cell to reach and lower their ATK for him to tank.