Top 10 Strongest Hero List: Season 18-20

Rank Hero
1 hector
2 ryoma
3 azura
4 reinhardt
5 ninian
6 ike
7 linde
8 julia
9 takumi
10 effie

Log: Reinhardt 8 ⇨ 4, Ninian 4 ⇨ 5, Julia 9 ⇨ 8, Takumi 5 ⇨ 9, Effie added to 10, Celica removed from 10

Effie – after considering additional Inheritance Tier List, she placed #10 on this list. Aside from her, only Reinhardt and Takumi got a big change in ranking and everyone else stayed the same.

Top 10 Strongest Hero List: Season 16-17

Rank Hero
1 hector_general_of_ostia
2 ryoma_peerless_samurai
3 azura_lady_of_the_lake
4 ninian_oracle_of_destiny
5 takumi_wild_card
6 ike_young_mercenary
7 linde_light_mage
8 reinhardt_thunder_s_fist
9 julia_naga_s_blood
10 celica_caring_princess

Log: Azura 2 ⇨ 3, Ninian 3 ⇨ 4, Takumi 4 ⇨ 5, Ryoma 5 ⇨ 2, Julia 8 ⇨ 9, Reinhardt 10 ⇨ 8, Celica added to 10, Lucina removed from 9

Celica – You can read my review about Celica and the other heroes on her banner here:

Lucina – Without Distant Counter, she struggles to keep up with the other sword units with it like Ryoma and Ike.

Top 10 Strongest Hero List: Season 13-15

Rank Hero
1 hector_general_of_ostia
2 azura_lady_of_the_lake
3 ninian_oracle_of_destiny
4 takumi_wild_card
5 ryoma_peerless_samurai
6 ike_young_mercenary
7 linde_light_mage
8 julia_naga_s_blood
9 lucina_future_witness
10 reinhardt_thunder_s_fist

Log: Ryoma 6 ⇨ 5, Ike added to 6, Linde 5 ⇨ 7, Julia 7 ⇨ 8, Lucina 8 ⇨ 9, Tiki (Young) removed from 9

Ike – IT’S IKE! But I guess I overrated him to think he will place higher than Ryoma. He is immediately under Ryoma in ranking and I think it’s just right.

World of Radiance Hero Review

ike_young_mercenary Type Weapon Score
type_inf wpn1_sword ★★★★★

Ike: Young Mercenary

 It's Ike!
 Distant counter built-in weapon
 Heavy Blade charges his Special faster
 Naturally high ATK and DEF stats
 Mediocre SPD

Distant Counter and Close Counter are the best skills in the game currently, and having it built-in passive to a weapon opens up more possibility for ways to adapt to the meta, this passive can be found in Ike’s Ragnel. He gets a brand new passive on his A skill slot called Heavy Blade that if Ike has higher ATK than his foe which he benefits well with his naturally high ATK stat. He also get Swordbreaker that fixes his match-up with other sword units (even the faster ones) as long as this sword unit isn’t equipped with Swordbreaker too.

Ike’s playstyle is very similar to Ryoma except he has slower SPD with the difference that Ike has to get sustain to keep going while Ryoma wants to get to critical HP to take advantage of his common set. He can learn Aether as Special and this would sustain him in battle by getting faster charges with Heavy Blade.

soren_skrewd_strategist Type Weapon Score
type_inf wpn2_green ★★★

Soren: Shrewd Strategist

➤ Balanced stats

Soren is equipped with a new passive skill called Watersweep which is the magical counterpart of Windsweep. This skill can prevent the target enemy that uses tomes, staffs or dragonstones from retaliating if the user’s SPD is higher than the target’s but it will also prevent the user from making any follow-up attack on its target. Soren’s SPD will have trouble exceeding the SPD of the current common mages but other than that, he can utilize this skill on them. Like Windsweep, this still is good to supress skills like Vantage, Quick Riposte, etc.

mist_helpful_sister Type Weapon Score
type_inf wpn_colorless3 ★★★

Mist: Helpful Sister

 High RES
 Miracle on Special
 Spur Def Res grants buff for both DEF and RES
 Will have trouble with melee enemy with her low SPD and DEF

Mist seems to be a product of IS trying to make a healer that is enticing to use. She is better than other healers but not good enough for the people wanting to use her. They gave her the best skills among the staff units and also gave her a new passive C, Spur Def Res. It is a Spur skill that gives your allies +3 DEF and +3 RES. That’s a total of 6 buff value compared to normal Spur skills that has 4.

titania_mighty_mercenary Type Weapon Score
type_cav wpn1_axe ★★★★

Titania: Mighty Mercenary

 Cavalry movement
 New passive removes enemy's Special charge

Titania blusters high SPD, DEF and RES and will soar with a Horse Emblem setup. She will be an upgrade to your team if you had a Gunter or Frederick and switch them out for her. Titania gets a new passive B, Guard, that decrease enemy’s Special charge at the start of the combat. She virtually won’t be hit by any Special in combat as long as the enemy doesn’t double or her HP is above 80%. Her set makes her a good tank.

The Strongest Hero is Coming


I’m a big fan of Ike and this might look bias but seeing his skill set alone says OP no matter what. Even if they give him a trash SPD, like Hector, his new skill Heavy Sword and Swordbreaker can make up for it. The new skill, Heavy Sword, will charge up Aether faster which acts as a self regen.


I’m placing my bet that he will be #1 on the Top 10 Strongest Hero list. I’m looking forward to his release and hope I will get him soon.

Watch World of Radiance New Heroes trailer here: