Marth: Enigmatic Blade Hero Review

marth_enigmatic_blade Type Weapon Score
type_inf wpn1_sword ★★★★

Marth: Enigmatic Blade

 Free Lucina
 Neutral Nature
 No skills. Needs a lot of inherits

It’s a carbon copy of Lucina in neutral Nature and clean set. If you think Lucina is good and you don’t have her yet or you don’t have a good Lucina, then she’s​ for you.

Top 10 Strongest Hero List: Season 18-20

Rank Hero
1 hector
2 ryoma
3 azura
4 reinhardt
5 ninian
6 ike
7 linde
8 julia
9 takumi
10 effie

Log: Reinhardt 8 ⇨ 4, Ninian 4 ⇨ 5, Julia 9 ⇨ 8, Takumi 5 ⇨ 9, Effie added to 10, Celica removed from 10

Effie – after considering additional Inheritance Tier List, she placed #10 on this list. Aside from her, only Reinhardt and Takumi got a big change in ranking and everyone else stayed the same.

Camus: Sable Knight Hero Review

camus_sable_knight Type Weapon Score
type_cav wpn1_spear ★★★★★

Camus: Sable Knight

 Distant Counter in his unique weapon
 Goad Cavalry skill

Camus is another free Distant Counter cavalry unit aside from Xander. He has good SPD and DEF, and with blue as his color, he is better than Xander overall. His Gradivus has the Distant Counter passive which frees up skill slot for something more useful. He gets Growing Light as default Special and like similar skills, I would recommend to change it to something else since it has not only a long charge time but it also procs Vantage. Camus holds some key cavalary-oriented skills that will help your Horse Emblem teams. He has Grani’s Shield that negates effects of Wolf Tomes but since that kind of tome is rarely used, it has little value. The other one is Goad Cavalry that he gets at 4 which is a 2 cell range aura buff for cavalry units that gives them +4 ATK and SPD in combat.

Bridal Blessing Hero Review

caeda_talyss_bride Type Weapon Score
type_inf wpn2_blue ★★★

Caeda: Talys’s Bride

 Good offenses
 Some ally supporting options

Bride Caeda is identical to Spring Lucina in terms of almost everything, where Spring Lucina is a lesser Linde but not by much. She is a speedy blue mage with high RES and a decent ATK that can’t one shot anyone but enough for a ORKO. Her Weapon is Blessed Bouquet that buffs her allies within 2 spaces of her for +2 DEF and RES when she initiates an attack on a foe. Her Special is Iceberg that will output big numbers since it scales with her high RES. She is given Hone SPD on C but also she gets a new passives on A, Attack Res +2. From it’s name, it grants her +2 on ATK and RES and like similar skills, it is out valued by the other passives on this slot. Her support role is just an icing on top of her speedy mage class cake. She is not a full time support and will not take the job of Eirika or Ephraim but it’s nice to have a few tricks on her sleeves.

lyn_bride_of_the_plains Type Weapon Score
type_inf wpn_colorless3 ★★★★★

Lyn: Bride of the Plains

 Disables target's ability counterattack 
 High SPD
 Squishy against physical units

Bride Lyn is an exceptional staff user that receives a brand new staff and a brand new passive that would add usefulness to the healer role. This weapon is not a legendary one so you can pass it to every staff user, this staff is Candlelight. Candlelight lays a debuffs to her foe after combat that disables it’s ability to retaliate further until it’s next action. This is very useful for putting her allies in a good position to attack an enemy safe from their counter attacks. But sometimes Bride Lyn might not be in a good condition to put this status on her target, this is where her new passive, Dazzling Staff, comes in. This passive suppresses enemy’s retaliation first thing after Bride Lyn does her attack like Windsweep but without a condition to meet. She can debuff every hero she initiates as long as the target doesn’t have Vantage or something a like. The other skills on her set are the typical skill of a healer.

cordelia_perfect_bride Type Weapon Score
type_inf wpn_colorless2 ★★★★

Cordelia: Perfect Bride

 Great offensive stats
 Choices of support option for the team

Bride Cordelia is a bow type unit that kept her offensive stat the same from her original version but became squishier. Like the other Bride units, she is a support on top of her main role. She play around choosing between going offense so she can give defensive stuff to her allies or assist an ally instead to buff it’s offenses. If she chooses to attack an enemy, she can give allies within 2 spaces+2 DEF and RES from her Weapon’s passive, Cupid Arrow, and also heal adjacent allies for 7 HP from her Breath of Life passive on C. The other one is she can buff an ally for +3 ATK and SPD with her new Assist skill, Rally Attack Speed. This isn’t much compared to what Eirika or Ephraim can give to a unit but this is a niche to have in dire situation. And the last skill in her set is Escape Route, but IMO Wings of Mercy would work better with her other skills.

charlotte_money_maiden Type Weapon Score
type_inf wpn1_spear ★★★

Charlotte: Money Maiden

 Great stats
 Gets +6 SPD when HP 3 greater than the enemy
 Outclassed by other same type units

Charlotte doesn’t seems so special except for a tease of the possible next hero banner like what they did with Xander. Her stats are well balanced and with her good SPD and decent defenses, she can tank some hits greatly. She also get a brand new passive, Wind Boost, on A that gives her +6 SPD if her HP is more than 3 of the enemy. This is like Darting Blow but with a different condition. She could hit 41 SPD all by herself with a SPD boon.

Top 10 Strongest Hero List: Season 16-17

Rank Hero
1 hector_general_of_ostia
2 ryoma_peerless_samurai
3 azura_lady_of_the_lake
4 ninian_oracle_of_destiny
5 takumi_wild_card
6 ike_young_mercenary
7 linde_light_mage
8 reinhardt_thunder_s_fist
9 julia_naga_s_blood
10 celica_caring_princess

Log: Azura 2 ⇨ 3, Ninian 3 ⇨ 4, Takumi 4 ⇨ 5, Ryoma 5 ⇨ 2, Julia 8 ⇨ 9, Reinhardt 10 ⇨ 8, Celica added to 10, Lucina removed from 9

Celica – You can read my review about Celica and the other heroes on her banner here:

Lucina – Without Distant Counter, she struggles to keep up with the other sword units with it like Ryoma and Ike.

Rite of Shadows Hero Review

celica_caring_princess Type Weapon Score
type_inf wpn2_red ★★★★★

Celica: Caring Princess

 Ragnarok is comparable to Blade Tomes
 One shots most top tier non-blue units
 Well-rounded role in battle
 Another red unit

Before anything, here’s a small gallery of my Celica blowing up some top tier heroes in Arena:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Celica is another red lord unit among the already large count of red lord units. She will be competing with an already solid cast of red heroes for a spot on your team and everything will come down to what your team needs or what playstyle you want. She has her pros and cons, and she will differ from the other heroes. For instance, let’s say your current team is already using the best red mage, Tharja, and has a team built around her but you want some tricks in case you face a situation where your support will need to separate from Tharja, this is where you could consider using Celica. Celica can fire big numbers with her legendary weapon without the need of buffs. Ragnarok, the tome unique to only her, gives her +5 ATK and SPD when her HP is full but receives 5 damage after this no matter if she is initiating the attack or getting attacked. This means she gets more fire power, chance for a follow-up or denies foe for a second attack when her Ragnarok’s passive is active. It also works well with her good stats of 39/32/33/22/22 on neutral spread.

Her other skills are Blazing Light as Special, Spur Def on C and a new skill, Distant Def on A. Her Special should be changed since Rising Light and skills similar to it will proc Vantage. It does it’s damage before and outside of combat so the target will be entering the battle with low HP, the condition for Vantage to activate. Spur Def on the other hand is good enough to keep but can be changed to flex on what your team needs. I have to note that with the new seals we got, Spur Def on C and Spur Def on S will stack and is recommended to be combo’d since they are in-combat buffs. That would be a total of +6 DEF and it will save your allies sometimes. Last on her default set is Distant Def, this skill gives Celica +6 to both DEF and RES when attacked by a ranged enemy. With this, Celica on full HP with Ragnarok gets +5 ATK, +5 SPD, +6 DEF, and +6 RES which great for defending. This makes Celica a well-rounded hero, she can be built offensively or defensively or a balanced of both.

Here is my build for Celica:


This is an example of an offense build for Celica. It’s a glasscannon type with ATK boon and HP bane, and the addition of Life and Death. Death Blow can be a substitute on A so she won’t suffer that much on defenses. There’s a ton of possibilities. I’d be happy to hear yours.

boey_skillfull_survivor Type Weapon Score
type_inf wpn2_green ★★★

Boey: Skillful Survivor

 High DEF and Earth Boost (+6 DEF in combat
➤ Owl Tome!
➤ Similar to Robin (female) with a bit of difference

Boey is very similar to Robin (female) with just a small difference in their base stats. He has high DEF to deal with ninjas and archer and he also has Ignis as his Special, just like Robin (female). Because of this, we can say Boey’s and Robin’s (female) role in battle is similar with some small differences. Boey gets a new tome, Gronnowl. He gets buffs to all his combat stats for each ally who is beside him. For an ally, he gets +2; for 2 allies, he gets +4; for 3, he gets +6 ATK, SPD, DEF and RES during combat. This gives him a bit more durability but it isn’t enough to deal with top tier mages including Linde and fully buffed Reinhardt in Arena. He would still need Triangle Adept to deal with them and G Tomebreaker for Nino, just like Robin’s (female) build. This means that you have to sacrifice his 2 default passive skill, one being a new to the game. His A is Earth Boost that gives him +6 DEF when his HP is higher by 3 points compared to his foe. His other passive is Renewal for sustain.

mae_bundle_of_energy Type Weapon Score
type_inf wpn2_blue ★★★

Mae: Bundle of Energy

 Gets some essential mage skills by default
➤ Owl Tome

Compared to Boey, Mae is better in dealing with mages with her higher RES and SPD. She also gets some cookie cutter skills for mages, Draw Back as Assist and Desperation on B. Mae holds the blue version of an Owl Tome, Blárowl. It gives her some pros compared to other blue mages defensively but owl tomes can be harder to pull off if you are going for offense.

Mae also gets B Tome Exp. for leveling blue tome units faster. Not good if you want to do slow leveling for SP.

mae_endearing_ally Type Weapon Score
type_inf wpn_colorless3 ★★★★

Genny: Endearing Ally

 Highest ATK among staff units
 Wrathful Staff
 Slow SPD

Finally, healers can get more useful with the addition of Wrathful Staff in the game. This skills removed the -50% damage penalty of healers, meaning, it is possible for them to do extra damage and help with cleaning up. This would also mean it is possible for them to chip more HP on their target while applying certain debuffs depending on what staff they are using. They can also use Absorb that has lifesteal. Genny’s ATK stat is high and will benefit in using Wrathful Staff, but she lacks SPD which means she will get doubled by most heroes in Arena. She has high RES and being colorless which means she can check mages safely.

Genny also gets a number of default healing skills she can choose from to what your team needs.

Elise can benefit more in using Wrathful Staff with Horse Emblem but it’s all up to you.

Lloyd: White Wolf Hero Review

lloyd_white_wolf Type Weapon Score
type_inf wpn1_sword ★★★

Lloyd: White Wolf

 Unique weapon give +2 to ATK and SPD when target's HP is full
 Good defenses against mages
 Outclassed by top tier sword units

Regal Blade is the unique weapon of Lloyd. It gives him +2 to his ATK and SPD when he is in combat with an enemy whose HP is 100%. This weapon will excel in doing ORKO if you build around it because Lloyd’s ATK doesn’t reach pass 50 naturally. This sword should synergize well with Fury, Desperation, or Death Blow that all specializes in melting HP bars. His over all stats are good against mages with his high RES of 30 and high SPD of 37 (35+2), preventing follow-up, if he meets the condition to proc his Regal Blade’s passive. This gives Lloyd an anti-mage role. He can tank attacks from Nino or Julia, and after receiving their hits, they will be in range to take damage from Lloyd on his turn, which leads to their deaths most of the time. This might also get his Special — Glacies, which scales with his RES, to activate for a sure kill. His passive B is Pass, you can keep this so he can ignore foes that wall their mages at the back for safety. Lastly, he also gets Threaten Atk on C that Lloyd can play around with to bait his target mage who is short by 1 cell to reach and lower their ATK for him to tank.