Camus: Sable Knight Hero Review

camus_sable_knight Type Weapon Score
type_cav wpn1_spear ★★★★★

Camus: Sable Knight

 Distant Counter in his unique weapon
 Goad Cavalry skill

Camus is another free Distant Counter cavalry unit aside from Xander. He has good SPD and DEF, and with blue as his color, he is better than Xander overall. His Gradivus has the Distant Counter passive which frees up skill slot for something more useful. He gets Growing Light as default Special and like similar skills, I would recommend to change it to something else since it has not only a long charge time but it also procs Vantage. Camus holds some key cavalary-oriented skills that will help your Horse Emblem teams. He has Grani’s Shield that negates effects of Wolf Tomes but since that kind of tome is rarely used, it has little value. The other one is Goad Cavalry that he gets at 4 which is a 2 cell range aura buff for cavalry units that gives them +4 ATK and SPD in combat.

Lloyd: White Wolf Hero Review

lloyd_white_wolf Type Weapon Score
type_inf wpn1_sword ★★★

Lloyd: White Wolf

 Unique weapon give +2 to ATK and SPD when target's HP is full
 Good defenses against mages
 Outclassed by top tier sword units

Regal Blade is the unique weapon of Lloyd. It gives him +2 to his ATK and SPD when he is in combat with an enemy whose HP is 100%. This weapon will excel in doing ORKO if you build around it because Lloyd’s ATK doesn’t reach pass 50 naturally. This sword should synergize well with Fury, Desperation, or Death Blow that all specializes in melting HP bars. His over all stats are good against mages with his high RES of 30 and high SPD of 37 (35+2), preventing follow-up, if he meets the condition to proc his Regal Blade’s passive. This gives Lloyd an anti-mage role. He can tank attacks from Nino or Julia, and after receiving their hits, they will be in range to take damage from Lloyd on his turn, which leads to their deaths most of the time. This might also get his Special — Glacies, which scales with his RES, to activate for a sure kill. His passive B is Pass, you can keep this so he can ignore foes that wall their mages at the back for safety. Lastly, he also gets Threaten Atk on C that Lloyd can play around with to bait his target mage who is short by 1 cell to reach and lower their ATK for him to tank.

Xander: Paragon Knight Hero Review

xander_paragon_knight Type Weapon Score
type_cav wpn1_sword ★★★★★

Xander: Paragon Knight

 Distant Counter built-in his Siegfried
 Very high DEF
 Will have a problem with mages

We finally got a unit for Horse Emblem to get a Distant Counter passive built-in a weapon. Xander’s legendary weapon is named Siegfried. His stats excel on dealing physical units which narrows the use of his Siegfreid to bow units and staff. He gets Armored Blow on A that grants him additional DEF when initiating an attack on an enemy. His RES is low enough to get nuked by most commonly used mages we see in Arena, but this is workable by putting Vantage on his B and meeting the required conditions of it then kill his foe in one shot. He also gets Spur Def on C for support and Blazing Light for Special.

If you want to use Xander to deal with mages too, I would recommend that you build him around Vantage. Give him something to lower his HP to get to Vantage to proc, something like Fury. Xander can also benefit from using Bonfire because of his DEF.

Zephiel: The Liberator Hero Review

zephiel_the_liberator Type Weapon Score
type_arm wpn1_sword ★★★★

Zephiel: The Liberator

 Big HP pool of 55
 Great defense of 38 DEF and 24 RES
 Wary Fighter makes up for slow SPD
 Wary Fighter at 4★ for Skill Inheritance
 Requires a lot of resources to bring his full potential

He is a great armored unit that can act like an Effie but as a sword user. His legendary weapon Eckesachs debuffs enemies within 2 cell range -4 DEF making them very vulnerable to him. He has Wary Fighter which makes up for his slow SPD. This prevents him and his attackers from making a follow-up attack as long as it’s within the skill’s required HP range. He also has this skill at 4★, making him a skill food for your other armored unit. He gets Reprisal as Special which grants bonus damage based on 30% of his missing HP; this is great since he has a big HP pool of 55. His other default Passive, Life and Death on A, is recommended to be changed since it doesn’t match Zephiel’s current role in battle. You can also give him Brave Sword and Death Blow to mirror an Effie build more.

Navarre: Scarlet Sword Hero Review

navarre_scarlet_sword Type Weapon Score
type_inf wpn1_sword ★★★★

Navarre: Scarlet Sword

 Good skill inheritance base
 Great alternative for the current top tier sword units
 Requires a lot of resources to bring his full potential

Navarre’s base stats are very similar to the current top tier sword units, e.g. Lucina, Marth, Lyn, making him a good base candidate for skill inheritance. He has a high SPD of 37 and good HP pool of 42 with decent damage mitigation of 23 DEF and 24 RES. His attack of 31 is acceptable with his vanilla Weapon, Killing Edge. This will synergize well if you change his default Special, Blazing Wind, to Moonbow which will be on a 1 charge cooldown that he will be performing every time on a target that he can follow up on. Desperation on his B makes his engages on enemies he can double up an immediate kill and keep his HP on the safe zone. This works well with Killing Edge and Moonbow combo; initiate attack to charge his Special then immediately executing it on the target on the follow up attack to finish it off. He also has Threaten SPD that ensures he can hit twice on every enemy that receives the debuff.

Michalis: Ambitious King Hero Review

michalis_ambitious_king Type Weapon Score
type_fly wpn1_axe ★★★★

Michalis: Ambitious King

 High DEF of 35
 Iote's Shield removes bow weakness
 Great for inheritance
 Low SPD and RES
 You can only get 2 of him currently

Michalis is a hard-hitting bulky hero with a big ATK of 50 when he is holding his Hauteclere but this is balanced out by his slow SPD not giving him a chance to follow up most of his enemies and low RES. Aside from that, they gave him the standard stuff they put on the set of the previous Grand Hero Battle unit. He has Blazing Thunder as Special and Threaten Def as his aura debuff. His weaknesses are sword units and any mages that can double on him, slashing out archers off the list because of his Iote’s Shield passive on A slot.

Fliers are normally weak against archers but Michalis is equipped with Iote’s Shield that neutralize this vulnerability. You can inherit this skill to another flier to gain its effect but in return you sacrifice a unit’s chance to equip an offensive passive skill. This adds strength to the most of the flier units that results to some of them moving up on tier lists but not every flier is required to have one like the offensive ones i.e. Camilla or Cherche. One great example is Minerva, which is almost a clone of Michalis, who speedy with great defense.

Ursula: Blue Crow Hero Review

ursula_blue_crow Type Weapon Score
type_cav wpn2_blue ★★★★★

Ursula: Blue Crow

Covers a lot of ground as a cavalry and a ranged unit
 Effective against cavalry units
Max base SPD is 32
Wide -5 RES debuff aura for enemies
 Her Grand Battle is impossible to do without a non-cavalry green unit

Ursula is a great substitute if you’re eyeing for Reinhardt or Olwen but can’t get them. The difference between the three and their level of usefulness is quite minimal. First, she doesn’t have a Brave Weapon but she has a great amount of SPD of 32 at max. She can double attack most enemies with this and prevent getting doubled by some. Her weapon is Blárwolf, which in my opinion just cherry on top, that gives effectiveness to cavalry units and has 2 more damage compared to a Brave Tome. Adding to her great SPD and weapon is her passives Death Blow and Threaten Res making her a heavy hitting cavalry mage. Death Blow buffs her ATK by +6 if she initiates combat which can be a total of +12 if she can follow up. Her second passive lowers RES of enemies within 2 range by -5 that translates to +5 additional damage every time she hits them. Lastly, she has Growing Thunder as Special which she can charge fast with her natural SPD that can melt almost everyone. Because of these similar factors to Reinhardt and Olwen while being a free unit (but hell nightmare to get), I’ll be giving her the same score as them.

I also want to mention that it seems Grand Battle Heroes are useful for future Grand Battles. A 3★ Female Robin can beat Lunatic difficulty Ursula Grand Battle if you don’t have Hector or Camilla. Ursula seems to be the hard counter for future Xander Grand Battle so investing levels on her is not a waste.