Camus: Sable Knight Hero Review

camus_sable_knight Type Weapon Score
type_cav wpn1_spear ★★★★★

Camus: Sable Knight

 Distant Counter in his unique weapon
 Goad Cavalry skill

Camus is another free Distant Counter cavalry unit aside from Xander. He has good SPD and DEF, and with blue as his color, he is better than Xander overall. His Gradivus has the Distant Counter passive which frees up skill slot for something more useful. He gets Growing Light as default Special and like similar skills, I would recommend to change it to something else since it has not only a long charge time but it also procs Vantage. Camus holds some key cavalary-oriented skills that will help your Horse Emblem teams. He has Grani’s Shield that negates effects of Wolf Tomes but since that kind of tome is rarely used, it has little value. The other one is Goad Cavalry that he gets at 4 which is a 2 cell range aura buff for cavalry units that gives them +4 ATK and SPD in combat.

Xander: Paragon Knight Hero Review

xander_paragon_knight Type Weapon Score
type_cav wpn1_sword ★★★★★

Xander: Paragon Knight

 Distant Counter built-in his Siegfried
 Very high DEF
 Will have a problem with mages

We finally got a unit for Horse Emblem to get a Distant Counter passive built-in a weapon. Xander’s legendary weapon is named Siegfried. His stats excel on dealing physical units which narrows the use of his Siegfreid to bow units and staff. He gets Armored Blow on A that grants him additional DEF when initiating an attack on an enemy. His RES is low enough to get nuked by most commonly used mages we see in Arena, but this is workable by putting Vantage on his B and meeting the required conditions of it then kill his foe in one shot. He also gets Spur Def on C for support and Blazing Light for Special.

If you want to use Xander to deal with mages too, I would recommend that you build him around Vantage. Give him something to lower his HP to get to Vantage to proc, something like Fury. Xander can also benefit from using Bonfire because of his DEF.